How to Identify the Date of Importers and Exporters

UFA (Union of agricultural Products) is a term coined by the Russian Government to designate the entire agricultural production area of the Russian Federation. The term, however, is generally applied to a number of agricultural regions within the RSFS ( Ukrainian Specially Advisorial Service). The main industries involved in production of UFA are grain, cereals, dairy produce, meat, and poultry products. The chief agricultural regions of the Russian Federation are: Arkhangelsk (Kursatka), Bulantai, Chechnya, Gorodki, Mensi (Millennium), Moscow, Tver Siberia, and Barnaul.

In the early medieval times, UFA was used as a catchall for all grain resources. Grain trade was typical in both the Islamic and Christian empires. Grain was transported in wagons drawn by oxen. A lucky number of women, who were members of royalty or high nobility, were allowed to buy whole herds of cattle. By the mid Middle Ages, when Islam spread into Pushkin and other areas of central Russia, the meaning of UFA had changed.

Today, in addition to the main traditional industries of cattle and sheep, UFA consists of numerous grains, fruit trees, vegetables, and legumes, grown on almost a world-wide scale. Many of these products have been imported from the USA and Canada. Over the past few years, the prices of UFA have risen significantly and the demand for the product has become very high. According to the United Nations Statistics Division, in 2005, more than three million people from Russia and the Ukraine lived in the United States because they traveled via UFA. Click here for more details about ufa

Currently, the United States and Canada are the only countries that import UFA. The prices of UFA are regulated by the Russian Federation of Economic Development and Trade, or reutan, and they are set in a basket of currencies. While Canada’s dairy and poultry industries are flourishing, the sale of UFA as a luxury product has not reached the heights that it once had. According to estimates, Russia earns approximately two billion dollars in sales of UFA every year. A large amount of this revenue is spent on the extravagant lifestyle of Russian businessmen, such as celebrities, politicians, entertainers, etc., as well as on the re-export of UFA to the West.

Re-exporting grain, sugar, animal skins, leather goods, tea, coffee, tobacco and fur is an extremely profitable business in both Russia and the USA. To ensure a consistent supply of UFA, an organization called “the World Union of Agricultural Statistics” (W USDA) is in charge with publishing the so called “last minute” UFA report, which lists all the shipments and deliveries of UFA that had been reported by the shippers either before or after the “last minute” report was published. In addition to publishing the report, each country’s agricultural service (FSAN) also publishes the official date of the shipment of UFA to the designated country. However, the “last minute” reports are usually estimates, and therefore can be subject to errors.

Apart from the official date of shipment, the customs of a particular country should also be taken into account. While the customs of a country does not record, or regulate the shipment of UFA, the authorities of the Customs Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are responsible for keeping track of all the shipments of UFA to determine its origination and destination. Since the 1970s, the United States has imposed trade sanctions on the Russian Federation if it is found to have used items for military purposes. The ban has greatly affected the Russian economy, with the loss of millions of dollars worth of exports. If the ban continues, the Russian Federation may choose to withdraw from the World Trade Organization, further hurting its ties with the USA and other western countries.

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