Healthy Relationships

Are you in a healthy relationship? If you aren’t, it’s probably because you haven’t found a way to connect with your own self. Relationships are a gift and work best when they’re built on mutual understanding and passion. Let’s look at some of the qualities we look for in a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship means you and your partner: Are open with each other. You openly discuss issues and seek out your partners’ opinions. Respectful. You respect each others’ feelings, thoughts, and wants, and share the freedom to be self-aware and be yourself, even if you are alone time after time.

A healthy relationship is based on intimacy and communication. In fact, intimacy is an important component of how we communicate with each another. It’s also what keeps couples together. If we don’t feel comfortable talking about our problems, then chances are we’re not going to work on them. It’s crucial to communicate your needs to your partner in order to achieve balance in your relationship.

A healthy relationship involves communication so that your partners’ needs are met and not neglected. You need to talk to your partner to find out what he or she needs from you. Then you have to talk honestly and earnestly with your partner until you both know what you can realistically handle on your own. Talking about your own needs met by your partner will ensure that your relationship remains a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship involves affection. In fact, healthy relationships offer the opportunity to experience deeper feelings. Your intimate relationships may include hugs, kisses, cuddling, holding hands, sharing jokes, romance and other such gestures that lead to feelings of affection. If there isn’t intimacy in a relationship, then the affection may die out. It’s important for you to nurture feelings of affection in order to keep the romance alive. Touching and hugging your partner after a tough day at work, showing him/her your affection during the cold winter days and taking his/her hand during a nice dinner can do wonders for creating strong feelings in your beloved partner.

A healthy relationship is marked by trust and honesty. It is vital for both you and your partner to establish boundaries. You both have to decide where you stand in terms of trust and how much information you want to share with each other. Trust and honesty also dictate boundaries – set clearly so that neither of you feels intimidated. Your partner needs to understand where you draw the lines – you wouldn’t want to have all this trust and honesty in a relationship without any boundaries!