Must Know Internet Business – What is the Best Online Movie Site?

In the interest of informing readers, we have come up with a short list of top-rated movie sites where you can freely download movies from. You too can consider streaming videos for free rather than downloading them. In fact, if you really think about watching movies online, you can easily watch high-definition movies without having to spend anything at all.

Movie site Number One: Netflix If you love to watch movies, Netflix is the name that comes to mind. As of today, Netflix has more than fifty thousand movies and television shows that you can choose from. The good thing about subscribing to Netflix is that you will always get new movies as and when the series is being releases. Apart from this, other features that you will enjoy include ad-supported viewing, muting options and a wide variety of languages. Apart from this, another interesting feature of Netflix is that they are 100% ad-free. If you have not yet joined the millions of Netflix users, then you must do it right away!

Movie site Number Two: Hulu is another popular streaming video site that received an increase in its traffic during the month of April. This popular streaming site offers both movies and television shows. The good thing about Hulu is that apart from being ad supported, they also allow users to view their videos using third party video players such as Google Video and Apple iBooks.

Movie site Number Three: MoviesFold Online is another site that gained popularity during the month of April. Their motto is “to store your favorite movies, instantly”. MovieFold Online gathers together a group of volunteers who will each lend a hand to scan through as many DVDs as they can find. After the team finishes scanning the movies, they deliver them to their members for their own personal enjoyment. Click here for more details about เว็บดูหนัง

Top Documentary Films: A new entrant on the scene is Documentary Films. They have an interesting mission statement which states that they are “dedicated to providing movie enthusiasts with access to top documentaries in a format that’s easy to find, affordable and enjoyable”. The good news for film buffs is that the company offers a free trial period. During this period, they give away a DVD every day, usually with limited copies.

Documentary Films’ mission statement does sound great. But what is the best part of this company? It has managed to combine affordability with high-quality presentation. They present their customers with lots of great offers, which they will only be able to afford after signing up as members of this company. In addition to this, MovieFoldOnline and Fmovies offer free movies to their registered members. So, they recommend viewing these sites, especially if you really love classic films or documentaries.

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